At CIRSL we manage our clients' debt portfolio, both at prejudicial and judicial levels: Our over 25 years of experience validate our communication and negotiation skills, but for those cases where the debtor refuses to collaborate during the extrajudicial phase, CIRSL provides its own infrastructure of lawyers and litigators to take the case to Court on behalf of our clients across the entire national territory.

Prejudicial Debt Collection

At this stage, we will try to avoid to go to Court. Once we have access to the client's debt portfolio, we will run an analysis to maximize the collection of debts based on previous experiences, tackling cases differently.


  • We can receive your debt portfolio in several different formats: Editran®, sFTP, Api REST, Email, etc.
  • Once we have access to the client's debt portfolio, we will run an analysis to maximize the collection of debts based on previous experiences, tackling cases differently.
  • We initiate the claiming process by contacting the debtor through different channels, such as by letter, phone, sms, email etc. As soon as the debtor is reached, we present the case and potential alternatives to solve the dispute: depending on the claim amount and the client's requirements, we can offer debt relief options or propose to divide the total amount into smaller payments to ensure debt collection.
  • To facilitate payments, CIRSL will provide the debtor with all available payment options as indicated by the client, including wire transfers, POS, barcode payments etc.

Judicial Debt Collection

Over the past decade, CIRSL went a step further in debt collection processes, by offering judicial debt collection services. As a result, CIRSL created an infrastructure allowing to take cases to Court across the entire national territory, having already taken over 50.000 cases to Court in Spain.


  • Feasibility study for judicial debt collection
  • Digital creation of the judicial file (bills, contracts, invoices, debt records, properties etc.)
  • Filling of judicial proceedings by our lawyers and litigators across the country
  • Monitoring and tracking of the judicial proceeding until the case is ruled by the Court
  • In case of an unfavorable sentence, CIRSL can opt to appeal the decision as determined by the client

Specialized Team

  • CIRSL has at its clients' disposal administrative personnel with extensive knowledge in managing judicial cases.
  • CIRSL counts on over 70 lawyers and litigators, including external partners and internal workforce, allowing us to cover the entire national territory.
  • Moreover CIRSL collaborates with litigator groups to cover less labor-intense regions.

Technical capabilities

  • All our lawyers and litigators work with the same IT application, from which these receive the cases and upload process updates and documentation.
  • Our clients have access to this application to check the status of their cases and all related materials and updates.

Integration with our clients' systems and processes

Process automation is forcing enterprises to be more agile and in constant technological evolution. For that reason, CIRSL is also continuously evolving from a technology standpoint, allowing us to adapt to nearly any technology system that our clients might be working with, seamlessly integrating business processes between both parties.

As a result, CIRSL is currently working with diverse clients sending the information automatically by SFTP, REST API, uploading Excel files etc. Once the deb portfolio is uploaded, it is automatically linked to our IT systems to initiate debt collection procedures. During the length of such procedures, the IT linkage will allow for bidirectional communications with our clients, including receiving debt portfolio updates and sending period information on the status of CIRSL's actions on the debt portfolio.

We count on our own internal IT application development team that is constantly bringing CIRSL up to date, ensuring fast execution, following SOLID principles and hexagonal architecture.