Our Commitment

Our workforce is composed by experts in debt collection, following statutory obligations imposed by ANGECO and performing according to current regulations.

Guarantees to clients

  • To transfer recovered amounts to our clients' accounts.
  • To ensure competence and morality of our workforce.
  • To safeguard confidential information.
  • To apply fees as previously established.
  • To provide regular accountability of cases.
  • To perform processes under the instructions, limits and strategies previously agreed upon.
  • To act under current regulations at all times.
  • To belong to ANGECO
  • To belong through ANGECO to FENCA

Obligation to Debtors

  • To not claim any further amounts beyond what is attributable by law.
  • To identify oneself clearly, without ambiguity, nor pretending to be someone else.
  • To respect the debtor at all times.
  • To try to liquidate the debt as soon as conveniently possible and by way of a friendly settlement.
  • To answer to the demands of information associated with the debt.
  • To use a simple and comprehensible language.

Code of Conduct - FENCA

The following recommendations are established as guidelines to be adopted by national associations and their members belonging to FENCA. These recommendations do not pretend to be taken as exhaustive guidelines for all national associations and their members, but to establish the minimum standards to be obeyed by national associations and their members. In any event, each national association and its members will possess its own code of conduct, which may include tougher guidelines than the ones expressed under this code of conduct. GUIDELINES

All national associations and their members must:

  1. Work in accordance to their national laws and regulations.
  2. Obey all national and European laws on data protection.

All national associations and their members must ensure that:

  1. All issues related to the Association must be dealt promptly and trustfully.
  2. Only properly accredited agencies will be accepted as members of the Association.
  3. A Code of Conduct will be created to be followed by its members, ensuring that it is duly followed.
  4. A basic set of rules will be generated to regulate contacts between agencies and their clients.
  5. Member entities will maintain confidentiality when dealing with client and debtor information.
  6. Complaint procedures will be enforced by associations for the benefit of their clients and debtors, ensuring prompt and efficient investigations of such claims.