Extrajudicial and Judicial Debt Collection

Contingency fee basis for undisputed claims

We have been successfully collecting both small and large past due accounts receivable for over 25 years.
We pioneer technological improvements to automate processes and communications with our clients, achieving greater efficiency and faster debt collection, while giving clients full online access to their cases

Member of ANGECO, the national association of debt collectors, and member of FENCA, the European association of national debt collectors


Recobro Prejudicial

Prejudicial Debt Collection

At this stage, we will try to avoid to go to Court. Once we have access to the client's debt portfolio, we will run an analysis to maximize the collection of debts based on previous experiences, managing each case differently.

Gestión Judicial

Judicial Debt Collection

If the debtor refuses to collaborate during the extrajudicial phase, we can decide to go to Court after consulting with the client. CIRSL has provided judicial debt collection services for over 10 years and is currently managing 10.000 cases across Spain for which extrajudicial debt collection was unsuccessful.

Integración Clientes

Integration with our clients' systems and processes

Process automation is forcing enterprises to be more agile and in constant technological evolution. For that reason, CIRSL is also continuously evolving from a technology standpoint, allowing us to adapt to nearly any technology system that our clients might be working with, seamlessly integrating business processes between both parties.


Why Us

Specialized Team

Specialized team members assigned on a case-by-case basis; Extensive knowledge in financial services and the energy sector; Deep collaboration with our clients' back-office departments at all stages.

Our Values

Integrity: Respect for the law and ethics are our top priority, preserving our clients' reputation as well as ours at all times.
Respect: Debtors will always be addressed with respect and professionalism.
Diligence: Recovered amounts from undisputed claims will be directly transferred to clients under their preferred method of payment.


The term (“Methodology”) is a composite from metà (“between”), odòs (“way, in the sense of achieving an end”) and logos (“logic”).

In that sense, CIRSL always builds on logic to unlock ways allowing us to get from the initial stage to the end goal, analyzing the composition our of clients' portfolio to optimize debt collection procedures.

We examine the topology of our client's debt, the underlying causes, previous communications with the debtor, timings and frequencies of cases, etc., to ultimately achieve the most profitable action for our clients.


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